It was a Really Big Deal

As a kid I spent quite a few summers at Camp Log N Twig.  (yes, it is a real place)

I had a number of critical musical experiences there.   One particular summer evening changed my life forever.   One of the counselors was drumming to his stereo in an empty cabin.  He invited me in. This guy banged the crap out of the drums playing along to The Who’s “Baba O’ Reilly.”

It was thunder.  It was rock.  It was transcendent.

Years later I met that guy and told him about my experience.   He remembered.  He said I sat there stunned, awed,  dreamy.  Like a stoned ten year old.  (I was not actually stoned.)

That night sealed my fate.  I couldn’t get enough music after that.  And I wanted it loud.

I’ve pretty much forgotten everything else about that summer.  Everything except those drums.

It was a really big deal.

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