The U2 Story

Jeff Leisawitz, the award winning musician/ producer behind Electron Love Theory and Blue Sky Vertigo, has always been a U2 superfan.  After watching Bono swing the white flag around at Red Rocks about a hundred times Jeff spent untold hours figuring out the deceptively intricate guitar parts to “Sunday Bloody Sunday” before banging out the killer bass line in “Gloria.”  These songs were soon performed in Jeff’s infamous high school cover band, Quarter Pound of Ghandi.

Before long Jeff pushed his way up to the stage on the Joshua Tree tour, bought every import remix 12 inch he could find, lined his bedroom walls with U2 posters and wrote some gushing fan mail to the band.  Believe it or not, they responded with an autographed black and white promo photo.

When Jeff made his way into the professional music press he wrote glowing reviews for pretty much every U2 release (Pop was only four stars) and even managed to get a backstage pass to the Zoo TV tour in LA.  Unfortunately the band didn’t hang around for the meet and greet.

As the ultimate salute to his all time favorite band, Jeff recruited more than a dozen female vocalists and set them to the music of U2.  Electron Love Theory’s Blue Sky Vertigo is a heartfelt collection that honors the original songs as it pushes into new electronic spaces.  Fused with electric and acoustic guitars these recordings range from slamming dance tracks like “Two Hearts Beat as One” or “Vertigo” to quiet downtempo pieces like “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “One.”